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Our Story

Our mission for inclusivity starts with us. We’re a team destined to redefine the finance industry for everyone by offering an inclusive platform that educates all based on their education levels and financial needs.

For decades financial corporations in New York and Chicago have been dominated by men. In 2018, Catalyst reported that there were 33.5% of women Financial Advisors in the United States to men.

Based in New York City, The Female Economist is one the largest finance platforms made by women, for people across the globe. We’re a mission-driven global community aimed at providing everyone a chance to improve their financial wellness, no matter who they are or where they come from. As a team of qualified analysts, writers, advisors, and CFAs, we’re eliminating the gender stigma in finance while promoting inclusion.

Founded in 2020 by our CEO, The Female Economist’s mission is to help educate marginalized groups about finance and our economy. This platform was created to reshape the male-dominated world of Finance and Economics into an inclusive field for all. Through online courses, community, and help from industry experts, we aim to spread financial literacy throughout the world.

The Future

Global Network

We seek to continue partnering with NGOs and NPOs to set their communities up for a better future through education and access to financial experts.


Our goal is to expand our pairing system to connect more people with CFA’s and help manage their financial wellness.

Meet the Founder

Greeting, I’m Samari Ijezie, a certified Financial Analyst, CEO, and Founder of The Female Economist.

As the gender gap of women in finance remains open, I’m determined to change the narrative. With a dual degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, I started The Female Economist to help educate marginalized groups learn finance and about our economy. I created this platform to redefine the world of Finance and Economics, not just for women, but for everyone.

Mission Statement.

We’re on a mission to restructure the narrative in finance & economics

Women can excel in finance.

Keeping you informed on the latest financial news We bring you coverage on the latest national and international events, opportunities, investments, savings, and financial health.

Women can understand economic analysis.

We keep the data digestible without typical financial jargon Our team of financial advisors, economists, analysts and writers present the data and analysis so you can stay informed on market trends, resources, new policies, and global business.

Women are outstanding Financial Advisors

We’re a team of qualified Financial Advisors CFA Pairing is coming soon with no minimum down. Our Certified experts are here to help enroll you into securities and achieve your financial goals.

Our Values

We’re on a mission to restructure the narrative in finance & economics

Creating Change

As a team of experts, we’re determined to make finance more inclusive. We’re on a mission to negate the stigma that only a certain individual can know finance. We’re eliminating gender, race, and socio-economic norms within the field of finance by providing economic analysis, financial insight, and global business news produced entirely by women.


We play a vital role in teaching financial literacy and encourage those to learn how to manage their finances. In doing so, we support marginalized communities and businesses by providing education and opportunities enabling local economic growth. We take this responsibility seriously. That’s why one of our main business objectives is to give back to our economy through initiatives to educate communities.


We’re changing the way communities learn and engage with finance. We’re a group of visionaries and data-enthusiasts determined to transform how financial information is shared and taught. The Female Economist is dedicated to conscientious growth and the pursuit of positive economic change by partnering with like-minded brands that are determined to create change.


We are accurate with our data, findings, and research. We are passionate about bringing economic data to the forefront of news. With this at the core of our business, we place a strong focus on producing fact-based news and information.

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