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Our Story

Our business began in 2020 in New York, New York, a fast-paced city and home to many global financial headquarters.

For decades financial corporations in New York and Chicago have been dominated by men. In 2018, Catalyst reported that there were 33.5% of women Financial Advisors in the United States to men. In the same period, the percentage of women of color is still low in the early-mid stages of their careers their percentage representations is around 11.8%.

With the gender gap of women in finance still at a low, our founder Samari Ijezie was determined to change the narrative. Samari Ijezie has a dual degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of Massachusetts- Amherst. She started this company with the intention to help educate marginalized groups learn Finance and about our Economy. The Female Economist was created to shift the fields of Finance and Economics which are dominated by men to a more inclusive field for all. 

Our information and advice are curated for all genders, identities, and races, however, it is produced by women.

Our Values

Creating Change

We are determined to make all male-dominated fields more inclusive to all identities, genders, and races. We strive to negate the gender stigma that only men know Finance. That is why we are a team of women Financial Experts. We are changing the gender norm of the Finance & Economic field by provide economic analysis, Financial insight, global business news produced by women.


We see challenge as an opportunity and we are always seeking new ideas to make a difference. We are a group of visionaries and data enthusiasts that are determined to change our economy. The Female Economist is dedicated to conscientious growth and the pursuit of positive economic change. We strive for excellence.


We play a vital role in teaching financial literacy and encourage those to learn how to manage their finances. In doing so, we support marginalized communities and businesses by providing education and opportunities enabling local economic growth. We take this responsibility seriously. That’s why one of our main business objectives is to give back to our economy through our information.


We are precise with our data, findings, and research. We are passionate about bringing economic data to the forefront of news. With this at the core of our business, we place a strong focus on producing accurate news and information.

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