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I Just Got Laid Off…What Should I Do Next?

Throughout the financial growth and downfalls of our economy, the labor force gradually goes through periods of layoffs and uncertainty. With the growing epidemic contributing to massive rounds of people being laid off across the globe, many workers are now finding themselves in unique positions and are at a loss for what to do next. If you’re amongst the millions of people who have found themselves laid off due to Coronavirus, you may be wondering what to do next. Check out these tips on how to cope with being laid off.

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Stop And Think

The first thing to do when you get laid off is take a step back and evaluate your current situation. What are your needs? If you don’t already have a budget, create one and list all of your outstanding monthly bills as well as your needs for groceries and other necessities. While it’s easy to panic or get down on yourself, now is the time to be as calm as possible and to make a plan of action.

So, take a deep breath, evaluate your circumstances, and make a solid plan as to the exact amount of income you need to meet your needs. This may mean cutting back on certain luxuries and working to discern your “needs” from your “wants” during this trying time of financial uncertainty.

Evaluate The Options If You Just Got Laid Off

After making a plan of action, you’ll have to assess your options and figure out a way to make ends meet. Communicate with your employer and explore options of working from home where available. If your employer doesn’t have a set date of return, you may want to start looking for other temporary employment options.

If you do have to find a new job, it’s important to take stock of your skills and make yourself as marketable as possible. Get letters of recommendation, keep building good connections, and always keep an open mind! It’s important to remember that making ends meet is your number one priority. Don’t turn away from side gigs and other temporary work. If you’re in need, any job that you can comfortably complete will do the trick!

To Ask For Help If You Just Got Laid Off

As humans, many of us are conditioned to be as independent as possible. However, in times of need, it’s important to surround yourself with supporters and motivators. If you need it, it’s never a bad idea to ask for help. Even if it’s not in the form of financial assistance, having someone to help you stay on track and achieve your goals can make all the difference!

Be An Optimist

While staying positive may be hard to do in such a time of high anxieties, it’s important to be as optimistic as possible about being laid off! While things seem chaotic now, remember that all bad things will eventually come to an end. You’ll actually end up taking a lot of life experience from this time that could make you an even better financially savvy person. In the end, keep your head up, work hard, and remember that things will always turn out for the better eventually!

Written By: Gaib Bunch


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