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Trump Tests Negative For Coronavirus

Please inform readers about Trump’s overall plan for Coronavirus. How much he is spending on funding, the tax break, and any information Trump is planning to help the economy wipe out Coronavirus.


In this past week, the Trump administration has ramped up its plans to fight the spread of COVID-19. This includes a declaration of a national emergency and an extended emergency budget, travel restrictions, and the passing of legislature for a coronavirus plan. 


On Wednesday, Trump banned people from traveling into the United States who had been to Europe in the last 14 days. For Americans returning home who had been in Europe, they will go through additional screening and are asked to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days after re-entering the country. 


In a press conference on Friday afternoon, President Trump declared a National Emergency, extended executive orders regarding emergency plans, and detailed plans for emergency testing of people showing symptoms. He announced states and hospitals have to open emergency centers and implement emergency procedures. He allowed the Secretary of Health and Human Services to waive laws in regard to hospitals and healthcare officials so that they can better use nationwide resources–not just city, county, or state-wide–available to them to treat patients expeditiously and efficiently. 


He explained that the private laboratories LabCore and Quest were working to create more tests for citizens displaying COVID-19 symptoms, a website where people could determine if their symptoms required a COVID-19 test, the implementation of drive-thru testing, waived interest on student loans held by federal government agencies. 


In his concluding comments Trump said, “Based on the price of oil, I’ve also instructed the Secretary of Energy to purchase, at a very good price, large quantities of crude oil for storage in the U.S. Strategic Reserve.”


Last week, the democrats wrote the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. Late Friday Evening, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that The Trump Admin and House democrats had come to an agreement on what the bill should include. Saturday the bill was voted into law, passed on a bipartisan 363-40 vote. It builds on an 8.3 billion emergency coronavirus spending package enacted into law on March 6. 


According to the bill, “The legislation guarantees free coronavirus testing, establishes paid leave, enhances Unemployment INsurance, expands food security initiatives, and increases federal Medicaid Funding”. 


This includes $500 million for women infants and children, $400 million for emergency food assistance programs, $100 million for nutrition for U.S. Territories, $82 million for coverage of testing for COVID-19, $225 million in tax credits for the IRS, $64 million for the testing of COVID-19 through the Indian Health services, $250 million Senior Nutrition Program, $1 billion for reimbursement for diagnostic testing and services for covid-19, and $60 million for coverage of testing for COVID-19. $1 billion for emergency transfers for unemployment compensation.


Finally, on Saturday’s Press Conference, Vice President Mike Pence announced all travel from the United Kingdom and Ireland has been suspended for certain foreign nationals, effective midnight on Monday. This will not apply to US citizens.


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