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My name is Samari Kerana Ijezie.

I love to blog, model, and teach financial Literacy. I have a dual degree in Economics and Political Science. Growing up I came from a family with nothing, which inspired me to learn about Economics and Finance.

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  • 48.8% Female
    51.2% Male
  • 25-34 -37.3%
    18-24 -29.9%
  • USA, Argentina
    Turkey, Chile
  • Highest Stats (Region)
    USA – 38.9%

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My Journey

Samari is highly analytical and creative. At the age of 14, she was signed to a modeling and acting agency out of Boston, MA. By the time she was 18 years old, she was taking AP calculus and modeling on the weekends. She took a break from the entertainment and fashion industry to obtain her bachelor’s degrees. Upon graduating she worked and still works in the financial sector. Samari has appeared as an extra on numerous TV shows for a number of networks. Currently, Samari lives in her New York City apartment working as a financial analyst by trade and a model at heart. Samari recently launched The Female Economist, a platform that educates women on economics and finance.

The Mission

My overall goal is to inspire others to live an abundant life. I love to teach financial wellness, which encompasses money management, healthy eating and living, and intellectual development. My followers look forward to me experiencing the beauties of life and looking good while doing so. I am passionate about making the world a better place. I would like to only work with brands that are making an impact on society and consumers. I am the definition of Beauty & Brains.

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