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The Female Economist: The First Episode

Aug 8, 2023

Welcome to The Female Economist with Samari Ijezie, a podcast that will take you on a transformative journey through the world of economics and personal finance.


Join Samari as she shares her personal story of overcoming challenges and achieving success in the finance and accounting industry. With a focus on mindset, resourcefulness, and choice, Samari inspires listeners to reach their financial goals and unlock their true potential. Through engaging storytelling and practical insights, she guides you in envisioning your dreams, leveraging your resources, and embracing personal and financial growth. 


Get ready for an empowering exploration of economics and personal finance that will bridge the gap between wealth and welfare. Join Samari Ijezie on “The Female Economist” and embark on a path towards financial empowerment and prosperity.


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Main topics covered in the episode:

🎓 Samari’s educational background in economics and political science

💪 Overcoming challenges and embracing unique problem-solving abilities

💼 Transitioning into finance and accounting roles, facing obstacles, and proving herself

💡 The importance of mindset, resourcefulness, and choice in achieving financial goals

🙏 Samari’s decision to leave corporate America and find her purpose and strength through spirituality

🌟 Inspiring listeners to visualize their dreams, leverage their resources, and tap into an abundant mindset

📚 Education, economics, and personal finance as key components of personal and financial growth

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