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They Keep Killing Us

They Keep. Yeah, I said it. They keep killing us. You would think this is old news now, but it is just another story. A story that is waiting for justice to be served, with questions to be answered, and with the casualty rate just rising. Whose us? It is everyone committing a crime or murder.  Whatever happened to practicing The Preamble. Our law enforcement barely practices that. How do I know that? The statistics are below. 

  Police killing People

 In 2019, Police killed 1,099 people across the United States. Among those people 24% were unarmed African Americans.  The Black Lives Matter movement started in 2014, after the killing of  Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, who was fatally shot on Aug. 9, 2014. On May 25, 2020 in Minneapolis, George Floyd was murdered by Derek Chauvin, a white Minneapolis police officer. He knelt on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds as Floyd painfully stated “He couldn’t breathe”. The officer has been arrested for third-degree murder and manslaughter.  

Rodney King 

One of the most notorious police brutalities was in 1991. The Rodney King case. LAPD officers beat motorist Rodney King with batons after he led police on a high-speed chase through Los Angeles County.  King suffered11 fractures and other injuries. Four LAPD officers were acquitted for beating King. Violent riots and destruction began in LA and later expanded across the country.  Riots left thousands of people injured and caused nearly $1 billion in property damage. Law enforcement is enacted to ensure the livelihood of civilians and to make sure civilians are abiding by laws. Police should not be the ones breaking the law and using their power to mistreat citizens.  

Violent Crimes

Violent crime includes murder, rape and sexual assault, robbery, and assault.. The crime data is reported to the FBI by more than 16,000 law enforcement agencies across the country. In 2018, there were about 1.2 million violent crimes, according to the FBI. Nearly every category of violent crime decreased between 2017 and 2018, with the exception of rape offenses, which increased 2.7 percent. During this 2020, coronavirus pandemic and lockdown in place,crimes have definitely decreased.  However there are findings based on region and city. 

Top 3 Most Dangerous Cities in The United States

  1. Detroit , Michigan 

The city in the United States with the highest crime rate is Detroit, Michigan. The cities 2020 population rate is currently 3.5 million people. With COVID-19, this city has a very high unemployment rate; which is currently 5.7% The city’s 2020 unemployment and poverty rates amount to a city with the highest violent crime rate in the country.

  1. Memphis, Tennessee

The 2020 crime rate for Memphis is  1,943 incidents per 100,000 people. One could argue that violence is just as much a part of Memphis’s culture as blues music and barbecue, but the numbers do not lie. Leaving this beautiful city ranking #2 on our list. 

  1.  Birmingham, Alabama

The Crime rate in Birmingham is 1,483 per 100,000 residents. Birmingham’s persistently high crime rate can be attributed to the drug trade and its high assault crimes. 

Mass Shootings:

In 2019, across the United States there were 465 mass shootings. The United States F.B.I. defines the term mass shootings as incidents involving mass “four or more” murders due to gun violence. Last year had more mass shootings than there are days in a year.  Due to COVID-19 the crime rate in the United States has decreased. The top ten deadliest mass shootings have all been in the United States.

See list below:

| Location | | Killings | | Injuries |

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV, 2017) 58 546
Pulse nightclub, Orlando (Orlando, Florida, 2016) 49 53
Virginia Tech University, Virginia(Blacksburg, Virginia, 2007) 32 23
Sandy Hook Elementary massacre (Newtown, Connecticut, 2012) 27 2
Sutherland Springs church, Texas (Sutherland Springs, TX, 2017) 26 20
Luby’s Cafeteria, Texas  (Killeen, Texas, 1991) 24 20
McDonald’s, San Ysidro (San Ysidro, California, 1984) 22 19
Walmart store, El Paso (El Paso, Texas, 2019) 20 26
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Florida (Parkland, Florida, 2018) 17 14
United States Postal Service shooting (Edmond, Oklahoma, 1986) 15 6


Manslaughter is a term that is commonly confused with murder, however they are two different crimes. Murder is usually seen as having some planning or forethought involved in the crime, while manslaughter is considered to be a “crime of passion,” with the absence of forethought. Courts tend to differentiate between the states of mind of the accused when bringing manslaughter or murder charges against them.

Stop Killing Us:

Stop being a danger to society. Treat people as you expected to be treated regardless of your status or authoritative power. Treat your neighbors as you would treat a loved one. If you have been a victim or witness to a crime please report it. Please see organizations and support groups below.

Report A Crime:

Members of the public can report violations of U.S. federal law or suspected terrorism or criminal activity as follows:

Contact FBI  online

Victims of Crime:

National Center for Victims of Crime is dedicated to serving individuals, families, and communities harmed by crime.

Contact NCVC


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